has developed from our experience teaching and directing training programs for several local dog training clubs.  The clubs in our area are very active and reach a wide audience including household & competition obedience, agility, conformation and rally.  Each club makes use of several expert instructors to present their classes.  Generally, the clubs are organized in a hub and spoke fashion and use a club site home base along with a number of smaller remote satellite training locations to present various classes.  As students graduate from the satellites - they progress into the home site where more advanced classes are emphasized.

The goal for was to create a system that allowed us to handle routine things - routinely.  In addition, we needed to spread the administrative load for day to day operations.    This was a challenge because of the distributed nature of the volunteer club work force.  An on-line information store was created so folks at remote sites could contribute directly to on-going operations.  This fosters re-use of information, amplifies contributors effort, eliminates duplication, and provides a single unified view of all on going operations. can help to organize your operations - so your people can shine where they function best, interacting with customers and training dogs. provides a complete online dog training class management system that helps present your organization as professional, efficient and effective.